Friday, November 13, 2009

Bird Breeds - Properly Take Care of All of Them

Birds are always kept side by side with animals. No one has ever differentiated between them. As we need animals for our various needs, so do the birds. I guess the domestication of birds by us have been started a long time back. It is almost started when there was the onset of human civilization.

Initially we were aware only by the presence of the birds. We were completely unaware of their varieties rather breeds available. And all the breeds are very rare among them. It is been a long time that we used to admire their beauty only by watching them but due to their distinct features we can differentiate them very easily if they are present in a bulk together.

As we came to know about the availability of various bird breeds, we started capturing them to preserve them and take a great care of them. But regarding bird care tips, you need to be very careful. Different breeds need different care tips. Birds if treated with care and affection prove to be very useful for humans. Always keep interacting yourself with the bird.

Never left it alone in the cage. Even if you are planning to buy a bird, then you have to keep in mind various factors which you can’t afford to miss out. The feathers should be very smooth. You should have quite enough knowledge of differentiating a healthy bird from the sick bird.

It is always advised to buy a new bird pet from some reputed shop only. Otherwise we can’t trust on any shopkeeper. All the medical facilities should be from the pet store itself so that you will come to know everything about that specific bird.

These are the necessary bird care tips which you have to follow for keeping your bird look healthy and strong. Are you guys satisfied with this?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bird Breeds -Comes in Different Varieties

Birds are always domesticated by man. Since the human civilization came into existence, from then birds have been domesticated. It’s been 5000 years that birds are tamed by humans. Many cave paintings and manuscripts are the proof of man’s inclination towards birds.

Birds come in various breeds. Exotic bird varieties are available. Initially, we used to enjoy the beauty of the bird by just watching them. But later everyone realized the importance of taming a bird. Many birds sing and become a part of our entertainment also. So taking proper bird care tips is very important if you are planning to tame a bird.

If you properly train a bird, it becomes so attached to you that you forget everything and you want to enjoy with it as much as you can. While purchasing a bird, you need to take proper care about its feathers. The feathers should be clean and fluffy. It becomes an important factor of a healthy bird.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Bird Breeds-Various Breeds of the Bird available

Not only animals but there are birds also which are tamed by the man. If we need the animals for domestication, then at the same time we need birds too. There should not be any difference between the animals and the birds.

Varieties are birds are there and very few of them we keep as pets. Many bird breeds you can find out yourself.Initially, man used to enjoy the beauty of the nature in the form of birds but later he came to know about the advantages of keeping them as pet.

Many varieties of the bird breeds are there. And all vary in their specifications. Some sing well and some do many other activities which are rarely seen from the birds. So we should try to preserve all of them and we should give them the opportunity to show their skills. This will make both, the birds and the man very friendly with each other.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bird breeds-How Useful They are for Us

Birds are the very first animals which were domesticated by the man to his use. Even in the age of early mans, they used to go hunting with falcons or raptors with them as a means of security.

Actually the cave paintings of bird and other scriptures of the birds inclined them towards man. Birds prelevance is not only because they are the source for food but also because of their appearance and exotic beauty.

The exotic birds have become the symbol of status, power and wealth. Birds are warm-blooded, vertebrates, walking or just remain on thighs .They have their body covered with feathers which protects them from cold. They consist of a toothless beak. They lays eggs to reproduce.

Actually the origin of the birds is from bipedal carnivorous dinosaurs of the Jurassic, 150-200 million years ago. Birds live in all terrestrial bio-mes, and also in all sorts of oceans. But the behaviour of a bird varies from one species to the other.

The nesting of birds, feeding their young ones, migration and the tendency of the partnership group varies from bird to bird. Different breeds involve in different types of visual signals, calls and songs.

Birds rather bird breeds have got an intense relationship with the birds. Like poultry birds are food sources, parrots or parakeets are famous for singing songs, feathers of various birds we need for filling up the pillows and for decorating hats.

Thus we see how different breeds of birds are useful to us. If you have some doubts in your mind then you are free to share your views with us about birds.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bird Breeding for Domestic Birds

When having a bird as a pet is fun, then bird breeding is incredible. There is nothing as special as watching a clutch of tiny tweeting chicks with their shrill calls filling up the air. However, bird breeding is not as easy as it sounds and owners should take into account all the aspects of breeding before going for it.

For successful bird breeding, you require money, time and credible information about breeding. Thus, you must consider the following points before going in for bird breeding:

• The process of bird breeding is long and requires several equipments. You must invest on nest boxes, additional cages, a brooder and an incubator.

• There should be enough space in your house for place extra cages, incubator and brooder. Without sufficient space, bird breeding is not possible.

• You should always be prepared for an emergency situation. For e.g. If a bird becomes egg bound, you should know what to do in such situation. It is also important to know the precise breeding time and conditions of a particular bird. These factors differ for various species of bird and hence must be ascertained for your pet specie.

• You must be able to take good care of the bird pet and the tiny chicks. For example, you should know how to feed tiny baby bird with the help of syringe.

Also, it is important to remember that the breeding period is a very crucial phase for your bird pet. Especially during the courtship and mating, the bird undergoes a transformation, which is exhibited through its behavior. This can affect the relationship between the pet owner and the bird pet and owners must be prepared to face this change. Often, you have to even sacrifice your bond with your bird pet.

It is extremely critical to consult an experienced veterinarian about the process of bird breeding before taking it up. This would ensure that the bird breeds in the most natural conditions and the whole process is successful.